Here's a few themed walks which I've devised around specific interests. Over the years I have led walks themed around the British Monarchy, Fashion, Retail, The Beatles, Boating and even the Monopoly board!

Every tour may be tailored around your personal interests. Just let me know with a bit of notice what yours are and I'll make sure to include a few stops on your favourite subject/s. Or if you prefer a monographic walk on a topic which I'm already knowleddgeable of, that is also an option.



Any self-respecting Potterhead ought to do this pilgrimage of Harry Potter's London film locations, where you will see the sites featured in the movies of the most famous and best-loved wizard in the world.


From underground stations to bridges, from the Leaky Cauldron to the Ministry of Magic, from Gringotts Bank to the obligatory Platform 9 3/4, finishing off at the Harry Potter shop, this tour will leave you dazzled and, well, spellbound!


Amping up the capital’s power chords, the ''London Rocks!'' tour will wander between Soho's hallowed hangouts, seminal music venues and the locations of legendary happenings from the formative years of London's rock scene.

The tour harmonises 60 years of musical history by shredding its way through the habitats of some of the 20th century’s most important creative thinkers and music prophets. From the Stones to the Stone Roses, find out where they stayed, recorded, posed, played and...played hard! Hear about Queen's famous albums and infamous parties, discover Ziggy Stardust's real identity, see the venue where Jimi Hendrix & the Experience played their first gig and the one where the Fab Four performed their last.


This is more than a walk simply; it's a trip down rock'n'roll's (fuzzy) memory lane, baby!



You don't need to be Italian to be intrigued by the influence Italy has had on London style over history; art, architecture, trade, culture and cuisine -obviously!


From its very Roman origins to the Renaissance, to the XIX c political refugees, through to Little Italy and the Mods, Italians have left their typically unsubtle -yet stylish!- mark on the capital, and this walking tour will show you just how much.


From Palladio to Piano, follow me on this exclusive journey through the real Britalian style, led by a true Britalian guide!