These are some of the most popular tours I offer. They are classic itineraries which cover all of London's highlights and some of the most requested destinations in the South of England. These tours are ideal for any for any first time visitors, although they may be useful for those 'locals' who don't often have time for sightseeing in their own city! If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, I am sure you will in one of the other tour pages.


REMEMBER: each tour can be tailored around your needs, time and interests, and can last a couple of hours or an entire day, depending on whether you'd like to visit any interior and on your level of fitness! 

Some tours will give you the chance to use one of the famous London double-decker buses, or even a traditional black cab (check the PRICES, TERMS & CONDITIONS page)! For parties of 6 +, a mini-bus -or even a Limo!- can be arranged (CONTACT me for details).  

This tour includes London's most famous llandmarks.Setting off from Westminster, you will see the London Eye, one of the most recognisable structures on the London skyline, and the Houses of Parliament, with the world-famous Big Ben. You will hear about the British monarchy at Westminster Abbey, church of every coronations and many royal burials, Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty's London residence, the historic St James's Palace, built by Henry VIII and 'Fortnum & Mason', the Queen's "grocer". The walk will continue at Piccadilly Circus with its grand advertising displays, and Trafalgar Square, commemorating the eponymous battle, whose victorious leader, Admiral Horatio Nelson, watches over London from atop the well-known column. We'll then hop on a traditional double-decker bus heading to St.Paul's, London's cathedral, where Nelson is buried, and finally reach the White Tower dipped in 1,000 years' gory history


(Please note: the tour does not include visits of the interior of any of the buildings. However, if you wish, I can easily arrange a guided visit in one or more of the following: Westminster Abbey, National Gallery, St Paul's and/or Tower of London) British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Victoria.  Albert, Museum, Greenwich, and more.



This tour traces 2,000 years of London history. Starting from Tower Hill, we will be looking at the oldest buildings in London (the Roman Wall and the White Tower). We will then cross the river and marvel at some of its newest (City Hall and the Shard) and even replicas of old ones (Shakespeare's New Globe and Francis Drake's Golden Hinde), which will help us uncover the secrets of Southwark -once London's most infamous borough. Plus, we will visit historic markets, ancient pubs and bridges over the Thames -along which London flourished and grew to become one of the world's most important capital cities.


The walk ends at Tate Modern, the world's most popular modern and contemporary art gallery, and there will be the chance to take a boat to the originalTate Britain, a collection of British artworks.


Everything you've always wanted to know about the 'City of London.During this walk, you'll hear about the secret ceremonies and the ancient traditions of the 'City of London'. The City is the cradle of modern banking and insurance companies and it's completely self-regulated. Its independent administration includes its own Lord Mayor and police force -the 'City Police', and therefore the City occupies a unique and exclusive place in Great Britain. The 'Square Mile' -as it's also known as- is the least populated, yet the wealthiest district in the country, and still attracts business and investment.


From its Roman foundation, through the Great Fire of London, the Blitz, the financial crisis and the 2020 Covid lockdown,the City of London will captivate you with unexpected beauty and stories of strength and defiance in the face of adversity.



A trip down Soho's memory lane, through its historic buildings and exotic inhabitants. Discover how, over 350 years, various waves of migrants from the continent have helped shape this colourfully complex area, which is now struggling not to lose its identity, as a consequence of the forced shutdown of its sex clubs and the relentless advance of the coffee shop chains.


From Soho Square to Piccadilly Circus through Chinatown and Berwick Street market and ending up it the legendary Carnaby, this walk touches on the most important people who have lived and worked in Soho, inspiring generations of artists, musicians and rebels.      



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